Tequila Tasting

Whether sipped neat, enjoyed as a margarita or with salt and lime, there are many types of tequila to enjoy. Brad got a lesson in tequila.

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Taco Guild

Taco Guild has an eclectic mix of upcycled plateware. With each plate there’s a story, a look, a texture, a new take on traditional fare.  A distinctive plate for every masterfully hand-crafted dish imparts plate harmony.

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Fat Ox

Fat Ox is a chef-driven restaurant crafting modern riffs on regional Italian classics. Welcome to an unforgettable culinary adventure.

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Huss Brewing

You ever wonder how beer is made? Huss Brewing in Tempe Arizona a family owned brewery let Brad come learn and get schooled. 

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Pomelo Restaurant

Pomelo is a modern space with a deep sense of history. Located on the site of one of Arizona’s first citrus farms, and the pomelo and cocktail citrus trees that still grow on the property inspired our name and many of our menu items.

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